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A. Berk Hakguder - Feature/Commercial/Real-time FX Showreel

A. Berk Hakguder FX Showreel 2017

A. Berk Hakguder FX Showreel 2016

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Berk is a visionary of creativity and technical advancement who constantly seeks new ideas that not only follow universal trends, but blaze the trail for the future of technology.  When he’s faced with a problem, he fixes it in a way that one can consider foolproof.  When he examines something that works well, he questions how he can be the one to make it better.  
Inspired by the key creatives who have advanced the industry of film, gaming, and storytelling through the use of CGI, Berk has immersed himself into the world of visual effects.  With his 10-year background in the industry, he’s taking his previous experience to then create his own story with knowledge of the past and a vision of the future.

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Sr. Technical Artist

Dec 2018  - Present

Zoox, San Francisco, CA
    -A member of the Simulation team, he is responsible for synthetic sensor data creation to train AI and creating pipeline tools to deploy a scalable metaworld.

Senior FX TD

Nov 2017 - July 2018

ILM, San Francisco, CA 
   -Responsible for shot execution and tool development for two feature films. As Senior FX TD on Solo: A Star Wars Story, he developed an tool that helps create different elements more efficiently, which can be utilized throughout multiple areas of the visual effects pipeline. For Ant-Man and the Wasp, he worked on shot concept design and shot execution.   

Head of Computer Graphics

Oct 2017 - Present

Qovaq LLC, San Francisco, CA  
    -As key creative of QOVAQ, Berk fuels the company with his constant curiosity in art and science and drives it with his dedication for success. He is adaptive to any environment and is a problem solver over many disciplines. He is a leader who can both direct and inspire the people who surround him.

FX Artist

Dec 2014- Nov 2017

The Mill, Los Angeles, CA

   -Responsible for shot execution and leading jobs for numerous Superbowl Commercials. Over the course of 3 years he specialized on creating a robust destruction pipeline for the LA Branch.

FX Artist

Nov-Dec 2014

MPC, Los Angeles, CA

   -Responsible for the crowd simulation for the "Nissan Migration" project.

VFX Artist

Nov 2011 - Oct 2014

  -Worked on numerous projects in Los Angeles. From final color grading to generalist VFX work. The variety of projects encompasses from Youtube series to short films.

Graphic Designer

June-Aug 2010

C-Section, Istanbul, Turkey - Graphic Designer
   -Responsible for graphic design for commercial projects and web design.

Graphic Designer

July-Sept 2008

Era Media, Istanbul, Turkey - Graphic Designer
   - Responsible for graphic design for press.

For further details, please download the latest CV from the link below.

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